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We don't see the climate as a fashion trend

In the year 2000, the ETERNA brand was the first manufacturer in the world of men’s shirts, business clothing and women’s blouses to be awarded the highest OEKO-TEX® 100 plus level certification. This corresponds to the current MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® label. For this certification, OEKO-TEX® monitors environmental and social aspects (e.g. fair production and working conditions) along the entire supply chain.

Our entire value chain has been transparent since 2015. Any consumer can view the entire chain by entering an EAN code.

#naturally attests to ETERNA’s convictions and values: impeccable quality, sustainability and fair production.

This page tells you more about our commitment to acting sustainably.

Transparent value chain

Track the production of our clothing, which is worn by men and women in Europe and around the world. Find out more about how we grow the cotton for our custom-made men’s shirts (that fit like made-to-measure shirts!) or for our women’s blouses. Enter the EAN code on your item of clothing and trace back the entire value chain.

Green Levels

Sustainable, more sustainable, the most sustainable: Thanks to the Green Levels, you can now see at a glance how much environmental awareness, responsibility and fairness our ETERNA products provide. Find out about the meaning of "High", "Superior" and "Outstanding".

Check ean code

Track your product and learn everything about the entire value chain.

Where can I find these codes?

This is what
#naturally looks like

#naturally fashions for men and women

ETERNA offers the perfect range of women’s blouses and men’s shirts for all occasions. We attach particular importance to ensuring garments are comfortable to wear. There is no blueprint for shirts. Countless options translate into countless versions. Find out more now.

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This is what #naturally feels like

A particularly innovative and sustainable fibre: Refibra™ is made from Lyocell, sourced from sustainable forests, combined with up to 30% cotton remnants.

Zero-carbon footprint for manufacture, thanks to carbon offsetting.

Only renewable materials.

No plastic for shirts: instead, we use recycled boxes and paper covers.

Buttons and labels are also made from recycled and renewable materials.

#naturally in figures

Sustainability to be proud of.
Figures that prove ETERNA practices what it preaches.


More than


tonnes less CO2 emissions per annum thanks to green energy in our stores and headquarter

More than


shirts and blouses produced with a net zero-carbon footprint

Up to


tonnes of resources saved every year by recycling paper, cardboard, cardboard boxes and lightweight packaging

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We are #naturally!

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